Easy Kids Guide to Health and Fitness

Physical activity and exercise are important habits to incorporate into a child's daily routine. In fact, the entire family can take part in playing energetic games and making healthful treats. Lots of fun and laughter is the result as kids and parents achieve their fitness goals together.

Everyday Activities

  • Easy Physical Activity Ideas for Kids: Features a gathering of simple activities kids can do for exercise including bike riding or jumping rope.
  • Exercises for the Whole Family: Discover a list of physical activities and games for an individual kid or the whole family to enjoy in their own yard. These activities use common items found in households.
Leson Plan
  • Jumping Rope Activities: Find a gathering of instructions accompanied by fun illustrations that help to demonstrate a variety of tricks a child can perform while exercising with a jump rope.

New Things

  • Exciting Fitness Games: Discover a selection of fitness games that includes familiar favorites and some imaginative new ones along with instructions on how to begin.
  • The Popcorn Game: Find out about a new game for kids that involves a play parachute,┬ásome plastic balls, and a lot of laughter.
Lesson Plan
  • Ideas for Fun Learning Games: Peruse a list of directions for a variety of games for young children. These games allow a child physical activity as well as the opportunity for learning.


  • Physical Activities for the Family: Find a selection of fun physical activities that all family members can participate in and enjoy. These activities for families have a holiday theme.
  • Individual Sports Activities: Read some suggestions of activities for kids interested in getting involved in an individual sport. Also contains a list of non-sport activities that supply a kid with physical exercise such as washing the car.
Lesson Plan

Fun and Friends

  • Information about the Benefits of Physical Activity: Checkout information on different types of fun physical activity such as skateboarding, biking, and surfing! Also has information on overcoming challenges to physical activity.
  • Facts about Healthy Bones: Review a collection of information on keeping bones healthy that includes descriptions of energetic activities and recipes to share with friends.
Lesson Plan


  • All about Pears: Find a variety of games, activities, stories, and other information relating to healthful pears.
  • Ways to Prepare Healthful Snacks: Features a collection of simple-to-prepare recipes for healthful snacks that kids can help to make and then enjoy.
Lesson Plan
  • Food Pyramid Lesson: Read a clearly stated lesson plan designed to help students become more aware of their eating habits and perhaps establish better ones. This lesson divides students up into small groups and allows them to take on a particular role.

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