How to be a Good Trainer

Being physically fit is the key to a living an extended life, free from disabling conditions. When trying to get fit, personal trainers help individuals define and meet weight loss goals. Acting as a mentor, trainers provide the encouragement, accountability, and safety reassure that beginner exercises need to keep moving forward. Though personal trainers need talent and passion for health and fitness to succeed, they also need excellent communication skills. The ability to listen to each client's health concerns and create customized exercise and nutrition plans based on age, body type, and fitness level are vital to helping clients succeed.

Consider these scenarios where a personal trainer can provide expert adviceā€¦

Jane is a 20 years-old, 5'4" tall and weighs 150 pounds. As a college student, balancing school and a part time job, Jane has little time to spare. Jane's diet mainly consists of meals from fast food restaurants and junk food. Jane has put on some weight, feels run down, and is frustrated by all she has to manage. Jane wants to lose a few pounds, increase her energy levels and deal better with her stress.

  • sample meal plans will help Jane realize the types of foods she should be eating and plan meals to increase her energy levels.
  • Healthy and tasty recipes will help Jane control her daily calorie intake to lose weight.
  • Dumbbell exercises will help Jane burn fat and build muscle while toning her body.
  • Food diaries can help Jane get into the habit of exercising and changing her eating habits, and exercise tracker can help note progress.

Max is a 40 year old, 6' 2" tall and weighs 235 pounds. Max is married with kids and has a full time corporate job. Though Max does eat some healthy meals at home with his family, he eats a lot of unhealthy meals out at restaurants with business clients. Max also spends the majority of the day sitting down in his office working on the computer or talking on the phone. Max is suffering from low energy and is worried that he will obese if he continues to gain weight and put his heart at risk. Max's goal is to lose weight by increasing his physical activity level and changing his eating habits to prevent serious illness down the line.

  • healthy tips for eating out can help Max control what he eats. By adapting, Max can have meals with clients without increasing his risk for heart disease.
  • By setting realistic goals and choosing activities appropriate for his size, Max will have fun, increase energy levels, and lose weight safely.
  • small everyday steps can benefit Max by incorporating physical activity in a more relaxed setting. Besides scheduled training at the gym, Max can benefit from increased activity on a daily basis.

Alice is a grandmother who has recently turned 65. At 5' 5" and weighing 140 pounds, Alice has remained in generally good physical health throughout her life. She now notices that her balance is not as good as it used to be. Alice has also noticed that it has become painful to lift her grandchildren and carry in her groceries from the car. Alice suffers from arthritis and diabetes and wants to reduce her join pain and reduce pain levels.

  • Strengthening exercises will help Alice improve her balance and coordination while building up her muscle strength to make it easier to lift and carry.
  • Yoga with its wide range of motion can help Alice increase flexibility and balance while reducing joint pain and swelling.
  • Alice enjoys being outdoors and doesn't want to spend a lot of time in the gym. Designing a customized walking plan for Alice will help her manage her diabetes and maintain her healthy weight.

Being a good personal trainer requires dedication, patience, and the ability to connect well with clients. As well as staying up-to-date on current fitness and exercise news to provide reliable service to clients. Constantly reevaluating and adjusting exercises will keep clients engaged and reaching for their goals. Noting and praising client achievements will keep them coming back for more lessons.

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