Resources for Student Athletes, Coaches, and Parents

Being an athlete is tough. Athletes may get the benefits of being sports heroes, but they also have to cope with all the difficulties that come with participating in sports, including maintaining a diet that allows them to keep playing and keep their bodies healthy at the same time, which can be difficult. This means that athletes often have to spend a lot of money on specialty products, and eat many times per day. Coping with the physical exertion that sports training requires, learning how to properly supplement their diet, and even learning how to cope with peer pressures are all aspects of life that have to be juggled by an athlete.

It’s not just hard on the athlete, either. Coaches have to make sure that their student athletes are eating properly, and that they are able to coach effectively; meaning they need to be on top of the latest training techniques. Even trainers have a hard time because they have to know exactly how to best work with each student athlete that they are training. They need to know everything about them , including what they eat and which training techniques are better for them than others.

Student Athlete


  • Nutrition and Performance: Explains how proper nutrition helps boost one’s performance. It also shows how to make sure proper nutrition is being maintained.
  • Sports Nutrition FAQs: Many useful FAQs covering topics like when energy drinks should be ingested, when meals should be eaten in relation to sports and training.




Healthy Nutrition

Physical Health

  • Sports Fitness: Explains the physical health of student athletes and how sports affect it.


Team Nutrition

Practice Tips

  • Tools and Tips: Provides information about tips for playing multiple different sports and doing different training activities.
  • Football Practice Tips: Outline helpful tools to implement into any a routine focused on football.


Training Tips

  • Football Training: Some links to multiple places to find information about how to train students to play football.

Nutrition Analysis

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