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James Coury III

Hello I'm James Coury III. I was born in New Mexico and I currently live in Portland, OR.

My main passions are calisthenics, movement, mobility, gymnastics, martial arts, kung fu, conditioning, and healthy recipes.

I'm currently training in kickboxing, boxing, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), and MMA.

The Human Flag

Muscle Ups

I have worked as a certified personal trainer, UX designer, and web developer. I have written code for apps like,, and several start-up tech companies. I'm educated in neuroscience, biochemistry, nutrition, mathematics, and creative writing.

I like traveling and I've lived in 7 countries including Albania, France, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Mexico, and the United States..

My main hobbies are coding, comedy, Vlogging, film-making, writing, podcasting, social media, online marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, philosophy, outdoors and nature, snowboarding, golf, foosball, immune system studies, and soccer.

I have been researching medicinal foods, healthy eating habits, the immune system, digestion, and also airborne chemicals and how they affect the body and brain. I'm very passionate about environmental chemistry and ways to optimize mental and physical health and performance.

I read every day. I enjoy learning and sharing. Most of all I enjoy seeking answers, living, becoming more conscious, and finding adventure.



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