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Hello I'm James. I was born in New Mexico and I currently live in Portland, OR.

My main passions are calisthenics, movement, mobility, gymnastics, martial arts, kung fu, conditioning, and healthy recipes.

I'm currently training in kickboxing, boxing, BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), and MMA.

The Human Flag

Muscle Ups

I'm a certified personal trainer, UX designer, and web developer. I have written code for apps like,, and several start-up tech companies. I'm educated in neuroscience, biochemistry, nutrition, mathematics, and creative writing.

I speak a few languages and I've lived in 7 countries including Albania, France, Ireland, Greece, Canada, Mexico, and the United States..

My main hobbies are coding, comedy, Vlogging, film-making, writing, podcasting, social media, online marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, philosophy, outdoors and nature, snowboarding, golf, foosball, immune system studies, and soccer.

I have done over 10 years of research on nutritional detoxification and also something I call "The Air Study." I'm very passionate about environmental chemistry and ways to optimize mental and physical health and performance.

I read several books every day and I have audio books playing in my headphones for nearly 12 hours every day. I enjoy learning and sharing.