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Isn't it time...

You invested in yourself?

You made the moves for better health?

You learned some healthy recipes that taste gourmet?

You developed better movement, mobility, and strength?

Finding motivation to get in shape has always been difficult for me. Its so much easier to just be lazy and eat junk food, but working out with James has changed my lifestyle. Working out has become my favorite pastime. I get individual attention, high energy sessions and most importantly, RESULTS! I have leaner thighs, firmer abs, and increased strength and stamina.

For anyone seeking a clean, fun, energetic and uncrowded workout environment... Stop Looking. James is your answer!

James is the best kept secret!

Mary Nguyen, Model

*Results may vary from person to person based on effort in RAAKGU. Success requires dedication!

Here's What You Will Get Inside:

Abs & Core

Get 6-pack abs, defined obliques, and a super strong core [ 50+ Videos ]

The Detox


I will be teaching you the principles of healthy nutrition


You will watch me take you through every recipe step-by-step on videos straight from my kitchen! This is my favorite part. I can't wait to show you how to make the world's healthiest foods taste delicious and gourmet! [ ##+ Videos ]

Movement & Mobility

The most important thing you can do is begin to practice mobility now. We lose it if we don't use it. And I will show you how to unlock your hips, unlock your shoulders, and more! Stretching is not effective until you put your hips and shoulders in proper mobility. [ ##+ ]


Challenging training sessions to work the entire body split into 3 different daily routines Push, Pull, and Lift. I will be your online personal trainer and we will interact through videos, Q&A, and messaging. [ ##+ ]

For the vast majority of my life I have been in excellent shape. However, in 1996, after a 6 period of service in the US Marine Corps, I fell off the 'health wagon.' As I started my 1st business I fell into a pattern of eating fast food and no exercise and by 1998 I had ballooned from 165 pounds to over 210 pounds. At the beginning of 2006 I had had enough of being fat and attempted to start shedding the pounds with very limited success. Still over 200 pounds I turned to James to help guide me back to physical health. With a regimen of exercise and better diet guided by James's expertise I was able to drop from my weight (over 200 pounds) to 155 pounds with muscle definition like I have never had in my life. At 39 I am now active and participating in competitive Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and stronger than I have ever been in my life. Thanks James!

Erick Lee, President Metronome

*Results may vary from person to person based on effort in RAAKGU. Success requires dedication!

Here's What This Course Will Do For You:

  • Improve your flexibility and mobility
  • Strengthen your core
  • Make your abs look amazing
  • Shape your whole body but more importantly make it move smoother, faster, and better

Improve your knowledge of nutrition and give you the recipes to make meals like a healthy chef!

The overall benefit of this online training is improved health, more energy, improved mental abilities, and feeling optimized like never before. We are going to change the bar for what "I feel good" means. You are going to feel simply fantastic like never before!

The physical changes are noticeable. But the mental boost and health benefits are dramatically life changing.

This Course Actually Fills Up! When it does there is a waiting list.

Grab your spot now and you will start viewing the course and videos on the very next page!

I have noticed the results of working out with James after just TWO weeks! At one month, I feel stronger and so much more fit than before! It is summer time now and I love showing off all my hard work!!! He is super friendly! James makes an hour of working out really hard go by FAST! He's always making me laugh and enjoy my workouts. I never get bored with working out with him because we are always changing things up and work different areas! One of my favorite and most challenging things about training with James is my food log! He has this great system to achieve the goals that each individual wants to reach by keeping track of what you eat! And WOW, what an eye opener that was!!! It's like having a trainer and nutritionist all in one! There is no substitute for training with James... he really pushes and motivates you! He is already voted one of the #1 trainers in the US. Get in with him now!!! PRICELESS =)

Michelle Thomas, Model

*Results may vary from person to person based on effort in RAAKGU. Success requires dedication!


I am excited to meet you and help you on your health journey and your pursuit of better movement, mobility, and strength!